Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Walking Dead Interesting Links

Today's listing is interesting links that are Walking Dead related.

Walking Dead Town listed on EBAY
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Although the listing ended (indicated there was an error in the listing), earlier this year it made national news when the former mayor of Grantville, Georgia had nine buildings featured on the 3rd season of the show on on EBAY for $680,000.

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Who had a worse ending...Beth or Noah?  MTV has an animated GIF listing here.

Indiana Lotter Scratch off tickets

There is currently a promotion by the Indiana Lottery with a W'alking Dead" themed scratch off promotion with a chance to win up to $10,000 or seen the Talking Dead live in Los Angeles.
For more information, visit Hoosier Lottery's website

How Long Would You Survive?

Photo:   AMC Free Desktop Wallpaper

AMC's website has a multiple choice quiz that will estimate how long you would survive here

Fan Theories that "Breaking Bad" was a Prequel to "Walking Dead"
HitFix and other sites have theorized that "Breaking Bad" was a prequel to "Walking Dead" with noting the same type of Dodge Challenger was in Episode 407 of "Breaking Bad" being similar to the one Glenn steals in the first season (see video below) to the bag or Merle's drugs having the signature blue meth from "Breaking Bad" and even Daryll's reference to the dealer that could have been describing Jesse.

Walking Dead Survival Guide for Marketers Inforgraph

How to Survive Dreamforce on a Budget
Brought to you by Marketing Software by Marketo
One of the more offbeat of this post, this clever motivational poster by Marketo.com uses behaviors of the characters in the show to demonstrate points marketers need to survive in the marketplace.

Walking Dead Construction Set - Dale's RV - $74.95

Do you have a loved on your Christmas list that loves  Walking Dead and building models?  This would be a perfect gift for them.  It consists of 468 pieces, which includes " Dale with binoculars and alternate pair of sitting leggs, RV Zombie and Femal Herd Walker figure.  For sale at Shop The Walking Dead.

DIY Walking Dead Costumes
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Brinton Parker

Pop Sugar has plethora of Geeky Cool DIY costumes like the Walking Dead Halloween creations above, with the guy in "Rick" costume looking like he could pass for an older brother of the character.

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