Friday, October 2, 2015

Unusual Halloween Pranks

Although I am personally not a prankster, my son loves watching prank videos so here are a few:

It is interesting to watch people's reaction's to a headless driver at the drive thru.

Pumpkin Man Prancing to Pop Music...not something I have seen before.

Trick or Treaters Zombie Candy Defender. While the concept has been done before, but the zombie looking more animatronic makes it better.


Jimmy Kimmel's "I Ate All of Your Halloween Candy" Prank from last year.  For a few years he has asked parents to tell tape telling their kids that they ate their candy and send them in.

In some ways it seems a little cruel, but in other ways it is a life lesson as sooner or later in life, someone will literally or figuratively "steal your candy".  Perhaps having a discussion with the child and finding better coping mechanisms for the ones that have the meltdowns can help them later on in life.

Do you have a Halloween prank that is funny or scary to share? Please feel free to leave a link in the comments section.

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Happy Haunting!

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forest77 said...

Lol.. awesome collection! Check out these drone pranks:
5 Greatest Halloween Drone Videos Ever