Friday, October 23, 2015

More Creepy Altered Dolls

A few years back I posted collection of Altered Dolls and as I find them fascinating, I thought it would be a good post for today.


PHOTO:  Source
Trash2treasure created a gothic looking angel with a baby doll an a book.

Devil Baby
Photo: Source

This creepy devil baby was created by Deceased Art is the things nightmares are made of; not surprisingly, it has sold and is no longer available, but there are other creepy altered dolls

Mummified Baby Doll

Check out Mummified Baby Doll on Cut Out + Keep for a tutorial on how to create a versionof this doll that was used for a prop for a live role play vampire game.  This one I find the most disturbing of the bunch with the features obscured.

Fork Legged Baby Doll

'Untitled no.2' Found and altered doll, forks
Photo: Source
This is by ceramic artist Martha Todd using a found doll and forks; the fragile, worn doll with the sad expression with the steely legs is a bit unsettling

Unsettling Mermaid Doll

Source:  Pinterest
Not much information on this, but sharp teeth make this fishiness ferocious.  Could probably be made using paint, markers, removing the dolls legs and wrapping in black electrical tape.

Zombie Baby Doll 

Baby doesn't want it want Braaaaaaains!
Check out Zombie Baby Doll on Cut Out + Keep by user Harley Quinn

Voodoo Altered Doll

Photo:  Pinterest user Cari'ssa Karol-Chik
What a clever way to  upcycle an old doll into an interesting piece that would be great for Halloween.

Isabel Living Dead Doll Inspired

Something about blackout eyes makes takes the doll from cute to cold and souless.

User Dead Kiss has a tutorial on how to create your own with a doll, paint and nail polish.

Check out Isabel Living Dead Dolls Inspired on Cut Out + Keep -

Ice Ice Baby

Baby, its cold outside.  This unique creation by user  Mistress N on Cut Out + Keep is made using paint and Epsom salt.

For tutorial check out out Ice Ice Baby on Cut Out + Keep

Thanks for checking in.  If you have any altered doll links to share related link or comment, please post in the Comments.

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