Wednesday, October 7, 2015

8 Horror Movie For Adults Currenty Free To Watch Online at Hulu

Welcome to Day 7 of Countdown to Halloween!

I will start with my top pic and go on  from there.

15 year old nihilistic sisters with a suicide pact that is interrupted during an evening of mischief by an  attack and bite by a beast to Ginger, the older of the two siblings.

Check Out Ginger Snaps on Hulu.
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This is an '80's horror classic.  It starts off as New York murder mystery that point towards sub-terranian vagrants.

Check Out C.H.U.D. on Hulu.
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This is a mix of horror and comedy starring Dean Cain as soldier that is bitten while on a mission at a lad by an insect carrying a zombie virus and becomes only half zombie and joins an army cook, who is the comedic relief of the movie and team up with a bartender to fight the zombies and the outbreak.

Check Out Dead and Deader on Hulu.
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While not a block buster, not many movies can boast of having a zombie Santa.  Is part drama/love triange, part zombie horror flick that is well paced.

Check Out Silent Night, Zombie Night on Hulu.
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Aaah!  Zombies!
This is a lower budget movie, but unique as it is told by the perspective of the zombie and more zany goofball than scary.

Check Out Aaah! Zombies!! on Hulu.

'70's movie that you may never heard of before...and you might have wished that hadn't changed after watching it.   More campy ridiculous humor than scary, but it is something different.   People seem to really love it, or think it is the worst movie of all time.

Check Out Children of the Corn on Hulu.


Children of the Corn
This is another '80's horror classic by the genre's master, Stephen King, although it never seems the movies spun off from his books are a good as his writing.  While not joltingly scary, it is one that steeps in your mind as it involves a dangerous cult of children and you might find yourself at some small town festival years later seeing a little darling mid-temper tantrum because Mom won't buy them cotton candy stop glimpse at malice in their eyes and you think "That could be one of those Children of the Corn!"

Check Out Children of the Corn on Hulu.
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Forget Me Not
It is graduation weekend for Sandy and her friends when a vengeful spirit they have awakened starts taking out Sandy's friends.


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Richard S. said...

Wow! Someone else who's heard of "Ginger Snaps"! It's worth watching if only because it's one of the very rare movies where the werewolf is female. I actually cannot think of another one. You'd think that a connection between the monthly/lunar cycle for werewolves and the monthly cycle for women would be made more often....