Monday, October 12, 2015

10 QuirkyHorror Movies Currently on Netflix

Hello and welcome to Day 12 of Countdown to Halloween

Today is a listing of quirky movie offering currently on Netflix.

A short-order clairvoyant cook is the only one that cans stop an evil force that has come to town.  Not super scary but one of the few movies my son and I have both watched and liked.

Think "Walking Dead" movie, but with vampires.  After an outbreak of vampirism, a teen boy is saved from a man known only as Mister and their travelings in search of a safe haven called New Eden.  

This is a lesser known work my the writer/creater of the "Saw" movies involving creepy ventriloquist dummies.

OCULUS - Rated R
A sister tries to clear her brother's name for the murder of their parents 10 years prior by trying to prove it was due to paranormal circumstances.

1998 flick based on a Dean Koontz book - a Doctor returns to a small town with her little sister in tow to find out the residents in town are missing or dead.   It stars Ben Affleck and Liev Schreiber as police officers early on before their careers took off.  It also stars legendary award winning actor Peter O'Toole as Dr. Timothy Flyte, which adds credibility to the story.

Penelope Ann Miller plays the lead, Dr. Margo Green, who works at the Natural History Museum in Chicago.   What scary could possibly go wrong in Natural History Museum?   Watch the film to find out.

MIMIC - Rated R
Entoentomologist Dr. Susan Tyler creates a genetic cocktail of cockroches and praying mantis to create a new bug that is to last one generation that secretes and enzyme to kill off New York's cockroach population (which carries a dangerous virus that wiping out a generation of children).   Fast forward to 3 years later and although the cockroaches dies and children were saved, it did not go as planned with the new creation.

It stars award winning actress (Mira Sorvino) and director (Guillermo del Toro).

THE ROAD - Rated R
This could be consider a little like the "Walking Dead" with the travels of a man and his young son except with Cannibals instead of zombies, which in many ways, is more chilling and might be why it did not do well at the box office.  

It stars Viggo Mortensen as the lead with minor roles for Robert Duvall, Charlize Theron Guy Pearce and Garret Dillahunt

What starts out as a grindhouse feel bank robber/kidnapper/rapist movie takes a horrific turn when the robbers go to a meeting place in Mexico to pay for sanctuary in a small town and it turns out to be full of vampires.   A horror classic directed by Roberto Rodriquez and written and co-starred by Quentin Tarintino.   Also co-starring George Clooney as bad guy Seth Gekko and Harvery Keitel as preacher who lost his way after his wife died and Julliette Lewis as his daughter..

You wouldn't think the spirit of a woman that dies 150 years ago nicknamed "The Tooth Fairy" would be anything to worry about, would you?  Then you would be wrong.

Do you know of a quirky horror film on Netflix to add?  Be sure to leave it in the comments section.

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