Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Dolls For Downs" for Special Children

Necessity is the mother of invention in the case, and the mother being Connie Feda, who has a child with Down's Syndrome.   She realized none of the dolls in a catalog she was flipping through represented her daughter and decided to create one not only for her daughter, but for other children as well.

I think the love a mother has for her child comes through in the design in capturing the essence of a Down's Syndrome child and giving them friendly appearance.  It is made of high quality vinyl and can be played with in the water (with any kid, nothing beats toys in the tub to make it fun and avoid bath time hassles).

The accessories have been designed to develop fine motor and other skills, so it isn't just a doll, it is a tactile teaching tool as well.

The launch date is May 1, 2013, but they are accepting pre-orders for $87.50 (which includes shipping).  There are five boy dolls and five girl dolls with skin tones in light, medium and dark, along with different hair and eye colors.

For more information visit the following:

Facebook Page: Dolls for Downs (all photos are from here)
Website:  Dolls for Downs

Huffington Post (includes a video)

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