Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Open Your Mouth"

This is a new ad campaign for Miracle Whip done in the "We Are The World" spoof with multi-generational and former stars from different genres asking you to open your mouth for Miracle Whip.

Tiffany (80's pop singer), Lance Bass (Late 90's-early 00's pop boy band NSYNC), Wynonna Judd('80's Country), The Village People (70's Dance), Susan Boyle (00's "Britan's Got Talent" contestant) and a few others I am not sure of...the homeless looking dude conducting sort of looks like Joaquin Phoenix and the older short guy might be John Williams, 70's songwriter/actor/singer.

All I can say is watch at your own risk.   There is something screechy and a bit creepy about it with the sort of double entendre with Lance Bass and the Village People.  If I hadn't gone to the Miracle Whip site, I would have no idea what they were promoting...maybe a fundraiser to help aging singers?

 I have to admit the only reason I watched this was to get a $1 coupon on Miracle Whip on Facebook and was not happy when it was over and the option to print the coupon never popped: I guess they ran out..

I love Miracle Whip, used to eat it by the teaspoonful as a kid, and nothing against any of the singers who individually sound ok but in this video is just a hodge podge hot mess.  Sort of like when you are a kid and their is a soda machine with a dozen or so different drinks and you put a little of each in your glass and it tastes awful.  They nicknamed that a "Suicide for a reason my friends and apply that same concept to an ad campaign in this case to me is the same thing.  

I wish they would have invested their promotional money instead giving out coupons than paying a dozen or so former 'it" singers and given out more $1 off coupons.

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