Monday, October 29, 2012

Haunted Getway Deals on Groupon

Groupon is currently offering "haunted getaway" deals at allegedly haunted hotels.   While part of me is curious, another part is concerned it would end up following me home like stray cats have seem to do and I am already haunted by a live teenager that appears late in the evening and seem to only appear when it hungry or needs gas money.

Click on the hyperlink (the name of the hotel) for more information.  Book if you dare!

Ocean City Mansion
Ocean City, NJ

It was built in 1896, but each suite is furnished with a private bathroom and the manager says the ghosts are friendly.

  Julian Hotel
Julian, CA
 Albert Robinson and his wife opened the bed and breakfast in 1897 and often spent the night in room 10, where visitors have reported finding the bedding rearranged and even smelled his pipe.

 Near Mayan Ruins in Mexico
Guest stay in thatched roof bungalows and the 100 acre property is directly adjacent to the Chichen Itza archeological site with a private entrance to the ruins.

Not mentioned in he ad, the Mayans, as did many other ancient cultures, participated in human sacrifices and one practice was to quickly extract a still beating heart from the chest.

The Stanley Hotel
Estes Park, CO

This hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King writing the book turned movie "The Shining".  

It was built in 1909 and they offer a 90 minute Ghost and History tour for an additional fee (to be booked in advance - not through Groupon). 

Bairdstown, KY
The Bed and Breakfast is located on the property of the Nelson County jail that housed prisoners from 1797 to 1987.  The rooms are in the front jail and lodgers can take a free tour of the back jail that has remained unchanged since originally built.
For a listing on ghost related stories, click here 

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