Friday, October 5, 2012

For the next 23 hours No More Rack is having a sale on select Halloween items starting at just $3 and shipping on all items are $2.

Here are a few cool items that they have for sale:

Flashing Light Skull Glasses - $8
I think these would be fun to wear year round, if only I can figure out a way to get my prescription lens to fit.

44 Piece Glow In The Dark Stick for $11,  As this which works to .25 cents stick, would be great for craft projects, decorations or giving out at Halloween as alternative to a sweet treat for that is still fun.

Spooky LED Flashlight - $7
A flashlight is a must if you are going through haunted cornfield mazes or to carry with you on Halloween night if you are walking through the neighborhood.

Halloween Clock with Scary Sounds - $17
While it might look like a regular clock with a trio of jack-o-lanterns, it also has a button you can press that will emit scary sounds to spook your unsuspecting guests. 

Also, they currently have a promotion where if you receive an invite/give an invite each person gets a $10 credit - if anyone needs an invite let me know in the comments along with your email or email me and I will send you an invite.  I have only bought one item off of them in the past and although shipping was a bit slow, it was worth the wait as we got a great deal.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see your tomorrow. Be sure to check out the other participants in the countdown by clicking the link below.  

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