Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Creative Begging

In today's society and lack of jobs, anyone can end up jobless or homeless and could end up having to depend on the kindness of strangers and resort to begging.  Here are examples of some folks that have come up with creative ways to go about it and entertain people in the process.

Source:  humor train

This guy not only sings for his supper, he has gone high tech and accepts credit card payments. 

Source: picaphobia.com via Madi on Pinterest

This fella has a sign asking for gas money for his Porsche next to a model car.

Instead  of paying a shrink $60+ and hour, this fella will talk to you about your problems for a donation.

Source: picaphobia.com via Madi on Pinterest

This creative maiden is dressed as a mermaid is sure to catch your eye (possibly along with a cold)

This guy just wants his childhood back (but probably would settle for money for a good dinner)

If you have any creative begging pictures or stories, feel free to post a comment or link in the comments section below.

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