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The Dove Foundation - Family Movie Review Site

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I have admit that have been fairly liberal with what I allowed my son to watch, provided that I watch it with him and we discuss it afterwards.  I have probably ruined action movies for him in that during chase scenes when an innocent bystanders car is demolished I would ask him "What if that person didn't have full coverage and it was their only way to work?  What if that was our car?"  I would let him know is just a movie and not real and done to create drama, but in real life you cannot do things like that and it is not "cool".

Part of the reason for the liberal viewing was the lack of family friendly options or knowing beforehand, as sometimes even a PG-13 can border on R.  That is why I am glad to see the The Dove Foundation (a not-for-profit organization) has started a rating system and delves into what issues might be in the film so you can make a decision if you want your children to view it (or ok to give as a gift to another family at Christmas)

They rate the movies by Sex, Language, Violence, Drug and alcohol use, Nudity, and Other.  They rate films that are currently in theaters, such as ""The Avengers" which is family approved, and the "Battleship", which is not.   In looking at the review, the reason is mostly due to foul language and violence and it gives details as to the type of words used and more details on what type of violence.  

They do not have this detailed information on NC17 or R as they are conservative based and the ratings are based on the business information they have, but on the theatrical releases they do have a synopsis and rating of how much Sex, Language, Violence, Drug and alcohol use, Nudity, and Other.    While not an all inclusive tool, it is still a useful one in weeding through the PG and PG13 ones.

In the "Coming Soon to Home Entertainment" they show mostly Family approved movies, which I like as it introduces me to movies that I otherwise wouldn't seek out (as I usually gravitate to horror, creature,sci-fi and disaster movies) and decide if I want to watch them.

It doesn't mean I don't plan on watching "The Cabin In The Woods" when it comes to video, but is does mean that I am planning on adding  "The Genesis Code" and "Prodigal" to my movies to rent list.

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