Friday, March 23, 2012

"The Hunger Games" - Beauty, Fashion, Foods and Crafts Roundup

I am looking forward to seeing the movie "The Hunger Games", which is a young adult novel by Suzanne Collins that has been adapted into a movie. I have not read the book but heard it is sort of like "Running Man" but with a teenage current social issues twist and is rumored to be the blockbuster of the year.

I did spot over at Dealicious Finds where if you are an Amazon Prime member you can access the book for free through their lending library or purchase for a Kindle for $5.   For more information, click here.

In honor of that, I am posting a roundup of beauty ideas and crafts that tie in with the movie.  Click on the hyperlinks below the pictures for the links.

DIY your own District 9 T-shirt with a plain T-shirt, X-Acto Knife, Freezer paper, and iron and mix of bleach and water. (The project calls for using iron cut outs on the "District 9", but I think it would be cooler using the bleach freezer paper stencil that was used on the insignia as that as well.)

Nail art tutorial by

Channel Effie Trinket using the below video tutorial


The Crafted Sparrow displays several ideas for DIYing a pair of Hunger Games inspired shoes with fabric paints.

If you are not super crafty but want to DIY your own T-Shirt, Rae Gun Rambling (by guest poster Classy Clutter) has a free printable that you can print on transfer paper and iron on to your t-shirt.

Anna Nimmity  has a tutorial for recreating Katness's braid

 Adopt A Do has a tutorial to create Primrose Everdeen's Braids

New Dress A Day has posting of creations from users that used existing garments to create "Hunger Games" inspired costumes that you could use to inspire you to create with old or thrifted clothing.

DIY a pendant of keychain using wooden squares with printables Mod Podged to them and a bail at g*rated
 Aprons & Ambitions  has a tutorial on creating Katness inspired accessories

Shades of Tangerine has a tutorial for DIYing your own Mockingjay inspired bobby pins

Fansite Down With The Captial"
 has a tutorial to make the above bracelet using polymer clay, printed images, Mod Podge or other sealing medium and elastic thread.

Mine For The Making  has a roundup of Hunger Games inspired foods such as Mockingjay cupcakes, Capitol's Orange Juice and Katniss's Lunch with Cinna.

How To Do Something has a tutorial to DIY your own Mockingjay pin using Shrinky Dinks.

Mine For The Making  also has a roundup of Hunger Games inspired fashions that include clothing, jewelry, makeup and nails, including 

China Glaze's "Capitol Colors" collection

Amy at Living Locurto has a free printable invitation if you wanted to have a themed party.

A fun, inexpensive craft for a party would be mini bow and arrow made out of a carved out Popsicle stick (if for kids have an adult do the carving ahead of time) a Q-Tip and some dental floss at The Brooding Hen

If you know of any other related items, please feel free to post the links in the comments section. 

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