Saturday, January 14, 2012


If you look at the title and scratch your head and think "Wow, I didn't know she sang" after listening, rest assured, you will find out she doesn't. As a precaution, I would recommend turning on your mute button before watching the video. As one commenter posted she is "the original Rebecca Black".

Apparently she made this to commemorate her 30th birthday and it is set to Randy Newman's "I Love LA" except she changed the words to "I Love My Friends". While of course if features 3 of her clan of daughters, it is like one long advertisement to say "look how many famous people I know and how popular I am" with not only her "friends" singing but a montage of photos of her with famous people, such as Michael Jackson. Even stranger, she sings about going to bible couldn't tell it by her daughter's behaviors. Even stranger still, O. J. Simpson has a cameo. Probably the best thing is the homeless guy at 3:35 that looks like he is cussing her out as she drives by him.

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