Sunday, December 11, 2011


Photo of Moon Rock  I took that was on display at Air Zoo, Kalamazoo, MI

MSNBC reported in the video below that of the 842 pounds of moon rocks or dust have were brought back from the moon but a recent audit shows that 517 missing, stolen or unaccounted for.

This past summer the docudrama Apollo 18 was released where allegedly there was an unknown to the public an 18th Apollo mission that was not reported due to strange happenings on the moon and the astronauts being taken over by creatures that appeared to look like harmless moon rocks.

In September of this year, one that had been missing for 30 years was  found among Bill Clinton's files at an Arkansas library.  That would explain a lot about him and some of his behaviors.

Photo:  Central Arkansas Library System 

While it is postulated that many samples may have just been misplaced or lumps of coal crafted into cute tchotchkes to give to those that are super naughty each year.

So remember, Santa is watching, so you had better be good for goodness sake!

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