Thursday, November 10, 2011


"Fashion Cats" is a book by author/photographer Takako Iwasa  that is for sale on
which touts "Feline couture from Japan's #1 Cat Tailor"...I wonder if they have a competition for that title, perhaps a TV show, "Project Fashion Cat"?

As I am a cat lover,  it does look like a cute coffee table book but I know from personal experience in dressing up cats when I was a kid that they don't take too kindly to it.   Usually if they saw me coming towards them with a doll dress they scampered under the dresser to hide, and you can see the same look in the eyes of the cats in the behind the scenes video for the book below.    It says "I will pay you back for this; I will climb your curtains, claw your furniture and paw cat litter all over the floor.   I will lie on any book you are trying to read and pounce on you stomach in the middle of the night...just you wait and see".   

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