Wednesday, November 23, 2011

BRUSHster - Free online abstract drawing tool

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

As kids are going to be out of school the next few days, I thought I would share this free online boredom buster with everyone called BRUSHster.  It is from Federal Resources for Excellence in Education (National Art Gallery) and has over 40 different brushstrokes and a wide range of palette colors with effect to blur and fragment and even has an auto feature that might help get them started and grasp the concept of abstract.   It also has the option to save and print their finished works of art.  I am calling the above "Happy Thanksgiving Soon to be Ex-sanguinated Turkey".

While you can draw figures, it gets a bit tricky and wouldn't recommend trying it off the bat as they will get to frustrated unless they can go with the flow.  The first one below was going to be a turkey and started looking like a duck, so duck it is...calling it "Duck Day Afternoon" and I think it turned out Refrigerator posting worthy.
This drawing I am calling "Microscopic Virus" and started with the auto tool, then added more lines and the thing in the upper right hand corner is to represent an eyeball. 

As my idea to have Tofurkey was shot down again this year, I will be fixing a turkey roast this year.   I am personally not a turkey or chicken eater as I grew up hearing horror stories from my mother about raising and butchering the beasts when she was growing up.  I won't share them here; instead, here is a link to the USDA's "Be Safe - Don't Cross-Contaminate" printable information sheet.

To visit BRUSHster, click here.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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