Monday, October 24, 2011


Turn the bottoms of two plastic bottles into pumpkins @Alessia, scrap and craft
Photo:   Source

Upcycle glass bottles into toxic elixer bottles with free printable labels from Martha Stewart
Photo:  Martha Stewart

Turn milk bottles into skull lights with some dollar store tea lights and black electrical tape - instructions at Dollar Store Crafts
Photo:  Dollar Store Crafts

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has instructions for turning an old black umbrella into bat wing with the addition of a black hoodie
Photo:  Evil Mad Scientist Labortories

Glue twigs to cardboard, spray paint black and add a leftover spider ring from last year to create a lovely wreath - instructions at Delia Creates via Dollar Store Crafts
Photo:  Delia Creates

Use cardboard and packing materials to make a Wall-E or EVA costume - @ Instructables
Photo:  anthonyshafer @ Instructables

Instructables user joto2 has instructions on turning cardboard into a samurai warrior 

Photo:  joto2

Scare up a spooky skeleton decoration out of white plastic shopping bags.

How to by CuriousTangles at

Photo:   CuriousTangles

Turn old pallets into a rickety Halloween Fence

Visit Instructable by LAWNMUSIC  here for further details.

Turn old Turn plastic bottlecaps into spiders with googly eyes, pipe cleaners and glue.  

How to at Quirky Mama's Kids Activities Blog 

Photo:  Quirky Mama's Kids Activities Blog 

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drollgirl said...

there are many good ideas here! i like wall e the best. ;)