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Here is a roundup of hairstyles for use in a costume, or just for fun!

If you have any links of your own to share, please feel free to post them in the comments section.

Happy Haunting!

Princess Piggies has a tutorial on how you too can conjur up this Skeleton in Coffin hairstyle
Photo:  Princess Piggies  

 Princess Piggies also used parts off the same dollar store skeleton to create this Mummy hairstyle and has a tutorial on how you too can achieve this look.
Photo:  Princess Piggies  

For a sexy vampire looks with longer hair, Iris on Youtube has a few ideas to share - I had never thought of wearing a mitten and holding it over a curling iron the get a more curly look, but love the idea.

Princess Hairstyles has a tutorial for the beautifu Fairy Princess style 
Photo:  Princess Hairstyles

 This faux hawk for a little boy (but could also be used on girl with shorter hair also) is so simple, even his older sister was able to style it for him. (hair4myprincess)

You can create this haunting style with a crimping iron and a crimping iron, a blow dryer, mousse and temporary red hair dye - Beauty
Photo credit: Hair Styles, Cuts and Do's

at Youtube shows how to make a Lady GaGa hairbow and adds a bit of pinup flair to the hairstyle

Create a glam zombie look by curling and teasing hair - instructions at Beauty
Photo credit: Hair Styles, Cuts and Do's

Bebexo has a tutorial on Youtube for an Audrey Hepburn '60's "Breakfast at Tiffany's" inspire style

 Take a walk on the wildside and create a cemetary on your head with some coloring page images sealed with packing tape then glued to bobby pins - by Princess Piggies
Photo:  Princess Piggies

 Another idea by by Princess Piggies is to incorporate dollar store spider and other creepy rings into braids
Photo:  Princess Piggies

Princess Jasmine in "Alladin" Bubble Braids at Adopt A 'Do Cute Girls Hairstyles

This This ribcage braids style by Princess Piggies looks both elegant with a touch of creepy all at the same time - click here 
for the tutorial.
Photo:  Princess Piggies

This spooky spider web do is fun and functional, but as I have tried a similar hairstyle myself in the past I do want to caution that this is one where you really need another person to actually do the style for you it you want it to look neat.  Also, be to be sure to use no tear elastic bands, not rubber bands.   Tutorial on this is at Princess Piggies

If you want to go for a no-hair look, Instructables has a tutorial on how to make an SFX theatrical bald cap wig
Photo: image source

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