Friday, October 14, 2011


Kraft Food is offering up until 10/31/11, or while supplies last a free Brain mold for Jello here with shipping and handling being $2.95.   Below are some recipes/ideas.

Happy Haunting!

For a realistic "gray matter" looking brain, Hi Cookery has a recipe using peach or watermelon, jello, fat free evaporated milk and red, green and blue food coloring and red icing piped into the crevices

Photo:  Hi Cookery

About.Com: Cooking For Kids has a recipe here using strawberry jello and Cool Whip

 Photo:  Stephanie Gallagher @About.Com: Cooking For Kids 

If you prefer to make an alien brain, Hurleygurly on Flickr has a recipe with lime jello, cream cheese, lemon lime soda and walnuts here

Photo:  Hurleygirly 

If you would prefer a more gorier effect, Fab Food has a recipe for "Melba's bleeding brain made out of unflavored gelatin, peaches, cream and peach flavored syrup and raspberry pie filling for the blood. 

Photo:  Fab Food

Another bleeding brain recipe at Kitchen Daily is made with peach jello, sweetened condensed milk, strawberry preserves and black food dye 

Photo: Victoria Belanger @  Kitchen Daily

 You can also use the mold for ice to put in a punch, like this decayed looking brain made of ice and grape Kool-ade
at Hub Pages 

Another use would be to make a brain dip using mushroom soup, shrimp, cream cheese and unflavored gelatin - recipe at Gapers Block 

Photo:   Gapers Block

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