Monday, October 3, 2011


If you are a cable subscriber you may have access to on demand movies for free and they also have free movies online line.

A few worth watching are:

2001 Joyride is a thriller/drama starring Paul Walker and Steve Zahn, which play brothers, with Leelee Sobieski as the love interest on a road trip that goes wrong after messing with the wrong trucker on CB radio.  It relies more on the interaction of the characters than shock value and gore.

1999 horror/comedy Idle Hands featuring Devon Sawa as a stoner teenager where his idle hand is possessed to murder with his love interest being a young Jessica Alba.  Not award winning and there are several continuity errors, but is a different twist on teen slasher films.


2002 horror/comedy R.S.V.P. had more of an old school feel where is relies more on the story than actual gore to entice you to wonder which of the characters will be bumped off next and who is the culprit.  It is a lower budget movie, with probably the best know actor in it being Jason Mewes of "Jay and Silent Bob" fame, but better than bigger budget movies in its genre

2005 drama/horror Boogeyman with Barry Watson as Tim, a boy who saw the "Boogeyman" take his father as a child and has had a phobia of the dark ever since (his love interest is portrayed by Emily Deschanel, now better know as Temperance Brennan, the bone lady on on "Bones").   It is one of those films where you love or hate it - worth a watch to find out which camp you are in.

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