Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dish Draining Cupboards

I have a dishwasher (besides the manual one - my 18 year old son who can be bribed earning gas money for his car) but I don't like how they clean and with just two of us it is a waste of money and energy so we wash dishes by hand.

The above is from an article on Doornob of an idea that has been around for 50 years but mainly found in Europe where bottomless shelves consisting of plastic coated wire racks are mounted over the sink area and the clean dishes placed on the rack and the doors close to hide them - thus no more drying dishes on the countertop and freeing up that space.

In theory it sounds great, but inherent flaws, as you can see by the picture below.

You don't gain any counter space as the dishes are going to drip on it.  Worse yet, all that dripping water around an exposed outlet looks hazardous. 

Additionally, stainless steel stains if you don't wipe it clean right away and it would become ugly and watermarked over time.  Of course using porcelain and not having any exposed outlets in the are would solve that problem, but not the concern of mold growing on the word in the cabinets over time.  Making that a plastic composite would solve that problem, but then you would still have the fact that if you are still doing dishes, water dripping off of the clean items would continue to drip on you while you are washing it.

I still like the concept, but it still needs more tweaking before I would consider it.

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Meghan Conrad said...

I've only actually seen this sort of cupboard in person once or twice, but both times, the cupboard was actually directly over the sink. All the drips landed in the sink--I can't even think of a way that the water would end up all over the wall like that!