Thursday, September 15, 2011

Civil Engineering with Pancakes

If there were more food demonstrations in science and physics like this one, it would sure make those subject a lot more fun (although I can see myself burning he heck out of my fingertips).

This is by Youtube user jimspancakes and his explanation of how these came about.

"Thought I'd give myself a little challenge today, so I decided to test out the load-bearing qualities of pancake batter. The project was more successful than I had anticipated, minus the minor burns from trying to assemble the structure on a hot griddle.

If you over-cook the pieces, they become pretty stable, almost like balsa wood. The trick is to cook out all the moisture without burning the pancake. Adding liquid batter as 'mortar' works pretty well, it just takes a little while before it will hold anything together. After I assembled the sides to the road-deck, I left the whole thing on the griddle for a few minutes to solidify everything.

Yes, I Allie and I ate it after I took a couple photos :)"

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