Saturday, August 20, 2011


If you can't live where you want, you can bring a touch of that place to where you live by creating (or buying) a "Fantasy Shade"

Melissa Borrell posted on IKEA Hackers that she used an IKEA ENJE Roller Blind, developed a silhouette image on Photoshop, printed it on a silk screen then printed on the shade white ink. 

She indicated in the post:
"I first came up with the idea of the Fantasy Shades when I moved to New York City from San Francisco. I created the Fantasy Shades to create illusory shadows, giving the impression of a fantasy world outside your window. Imagine an alternate reality beyond your window with a view of cherry blossoms, tree branches or even a city that you miss. I would look out my window and miss San Francisco and with that came my first creation of the Fantasy Shades."
I love this idea and might have to try doing my own DIY version in the future, but if you are are not crafty she does sell them here.

Photos:   Melissa Borrell

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Jules said...

Those are a really neat idea to add subtle but distinct flair to a room.