Sunday, July 10, 2011

Alienus Skirt

This skirt is original and innovative,creepy and fascinating all at the same time, .

It starts with the skinny minimal skirt at the top with a bit of detail and near the hem starts evolving into  detailed wide pant legs.  It reminds me of the Star Trek "Borg", as it does look like the weare is being assimilated by an alien creature from the bottom up.

The legs are detachable via a snap and their width can be adjusted by the decorative velcro straps which give them a bit of a MacGuyverish feel.  These would be perfect for Katy Perry (or a wannabe) performing E.T.

These are for sale at Cryoflesh, a company that offers gothic and steampunk clothing and shoes, for $89.99. 

Photos:  Cryoflesh

Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation with Cryoflesh and have received nothing for this post - just think these are cool.

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drollgirl said...

wow. that is a whole lotta look!