Friday, March 18, 2011

Lush Leprechaun

Croshame has some of the most unique, creative, detailed and offbeat crocheted works of art that I have ever seen and her overindulged leprechaun is no exception.  I love the "spilled Guinness" beer touch and the little crocheted coins and the little hurling shamrock confetti is genius.

One of her best known creations is the Exorcist playset which she now sells 8x10 prints of for $8.

To see more of her creations check out her blog here.

Some of her creations are for sale  Esty shop here and she has an announcement that 10% of any March and April sales will be donated to Japanese Tsunami and Earthquake Relief via Red Cross.

Photo:   Croshame

Disclaimer:  I receive no renumeration or consideration for posting this - I just think it is cool.

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drollgirl said...

that's the spirit! lol