Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift Idea - Wedding Ring Coffin

What would be a better way to celebrate until "Death Do Us Part" than a Wedding Ring Coffin?

Actually the site that is selling these,  Wedding Ring Coffin , is marketing them  for more of a post-divorce requiem, but if you are a horror fan, have a twisted sense of humor or a would be stalker it could be a unique way to pop the question.

If the dark coffin is a bit too dismal, worry not, they offer it in a ivory color also.

The cost is $34.95 and can choose for one of  7 other different engravings, such as "I Can't Live Without You" or for additional, $5 you can create your own message.

For more information, visit  Wedding Ring Coffin

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drollgirl said...

LOL! how thoughtful! and/or how grim! LOL!