Sunday, December 12, 2010


This solar powered  egg shaped mobile home is concept is by a 24 year old architect in Beijing, China to come up with a solution to living rent-free.  It cost around $1,000 to make and it is only big enough to fit a bed and a few belongings; but the solar panel is enough to power a lamp.

Although it is very clever and a step up than a sleeping bag and a cardboard box as provides more protection and comfort than, it seem like it would be a below living out of a van and most modern cities would never allow it due to zoning, not to mention health code issues depending on how he collects, stores and disposes of his "personal waste" (and I don't mean takeout containers).       Photo by: AFP / Getty Images

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drollgirl said...

pretty creative, and pretty compact! might be the wave of the future, but not sure the future is here quite yet.