Friday, October 1, 2010

What Are Your Halloween Costume Inspirations?

Hello and welcome the Countdown to Halloween and to my blog.  I plan on posting something everyday and working on some Halloween themed decoration and stuff how to's, interesting stories and even a few give aways so I hope that you visit me again.

I am still undecided on my costume for this year and still checking into other ideas?   How about you?

I saw this over at  and find this is a great inspiration for a Halloween costume.   I would give it an "A" for creativity as it is unique and original and a "D" for execution as the top is too tight, it looks like it would be impossible to sit in and the positioning of the skull makes her hips look mammoth.   It would be better if the narrowest part, in this case the teeth, over the hip area to make the hips to minimize them.

If you are going to wear something this ostentatious, you might as go all the way and make it campy.  I would make it a top instead of a dress and decorate a white T-shirt underneath to look like bloodshot eyeballs over the chest or "headlight" area (pun intended).

Also would look wicked with a pirate patch over one eye and the other dayglo green.

Here are some sites that have creative costumes on the cheap (hyperlinks are in yellow):

Family Fun
Dollar Store Crafts  is posting a "Halloween Wearables" to make costumes from dollar store items.
DIY sites  Cut Out + Keep has hundreds of user created costumes for inspiration and Craftster has a lot too, but you have to dig around as many of the cooler ideas are not under the Halloween section, like the Crocheted ZZ Top Beard.

If you want to dress up like a celebrity Marie Claire has an article for celeb inspired makeup ideas.

What are your Halloween costume inspirations or what are you working on for Halloween? Post in the linky below or share a comment!

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