Monday, October 4, 2010

Human Skin Rug

Found via and picture from Oddee
No, it isn't an actual human skin rug, it is an art piece by Artist  Chrissy Conant (she has a Master's in Fine Art) she calls here "Chrissy Skin Rug".   To make she shaved herself, slathered on Vaseline and laid in spread eagle position for hours while being covered with "bucketfuls of gelatinous mold-making material".  She then used the mold to make a life-sided and life like "rug" with the flesh tone silicone rubber cast and added.

Even though it is not real, it creeps me out all the same.  Art is to evoke an emotion and it does achieve that.
For more information and upcoming shows visit her site:  Chrissy Conant

Do you have creepy art you would like to share?  Post in it the link below!

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Shawn Robare said...

Wow, that is freaking odd!