Thursday, October 7, 2010


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Chucky, Tiffany and Glen/Glenda dolls.

We spotted this at a garage sale this past weekend.   While this is from the "Child's Play" movie series, you might not want to get this for a child to play, but would make a ghastly display/decoration for Halloween.

There are a total of 5 "Child's Play" movies:
  • "Child's Play"  - The movie was serious, dark and disturbing.  Serial Killer Charles Lee Ray is shot and uses voodoo to cast his spirit into a "Good Guy" doll.   Andy Barclay, is a little boy who wants a that doll for Christmas and his mom, Karen, buys the possessed doll in a back alley transaction.  Chucky has to find a human host or he will be trapped in the doll forever, and he chooses Andy.  To find out what happens, you can watch the movie for free online at Internet Movie Database (IMDB) here.
  • "Child's Play 2" - Andy has been put into foster care and the makers of the "Good Guy" dolls make more dolls and, you guessed it, Chucky is back and tracking Andy down. To watch the trailer at IMDB click here.
  • "Child's Play 3" - It is several years later and Andy is now a teen in military school and the toymaker, more likely due to greed than the desire to be "green" recycles materials from old "Good Guy" dolls and you guess it, Chucky is back again.  To watch the trailer at IMDB click here
  • "Bride of Chucky" - This time Henry Lee Ray's old girlfriend, Tiffanny (portrayed by Jennifer Tilly) who is also a serial killer gets the dolls remains and performs a ritual to bring him back to so they can get married; as he has other plans.   This also stars John Ritter as the cop uncle trying to stop his teen niece, portrayed by Katherine Heigl, from eloping with her boyfriend.  Chucky and Tiffany have their sites on the the young lovebirds as their new host bodies.  This is more campy humor than true horror and I liked it better than its predecessors. To watch the trailer at IMDB click here.
  • "Seed of Chucky" - This time the offspring of Tiffany and Chucky, a mild mannered doll who is enslaved as by a man in a freak side show until he sees on the television where a movie is being made about about Chucky and Tiffany and sees that Chucky has the same "Made In Japan" stamp that he has as escapes and mails himself to Hollywood in search of his "parents" and this time he is the one the performs the ritual on the movie dolls that are possessed by Chucky and Tiffany.  This one is even campier than the last one as it has Jennifer Tilly as herself portraying the lead in the Chucky movie in the movie.  One of my favorite scenes is where they Chucky doll runs a car off of the road which is supposed to be Brittney Spears (music similar to hers is blasting out of her convertible) and then says "Ooops, I did it again".  To watch the trailer for this movie at IMDB click here.   
Which Child's Play movie was your favorite?


Sarah Whaley said...

do u now if they still have the dolls and what city and state are they in?

Kathryn said...

Sorry, it has since been sold.