Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This creepy cowboy cannibal video used to air on late nights back in 1985 when there was a few minutes between shows.   It is performed my C.W. McCall, who is more of a country rapper than a singer, is best know for his 70's trucker hit "Convoy" and the title of the song is "Comin' Back For More".   The "Al's Cafe" reference is to late 1800's prospecter Al Packer who allegedly cannibalized members of his snowbound party in the Rockies.

About 15 years later in 2000, pop diva Madonna goes a little bit country on us in this video "Don't Tell Me" and some of her dancing cowboys eerily mimic the "Comin' Back for More" video in a few spots.  What's creepy about it you ask - Madonna goin' a little be country on us is pretty darn creepy.  Makes you afraid of what she might resort to next - yodeling perhaps.

This gem Cowboy Clown Couture, yes, you heard right, it is a fashion show where designer Jean-Paul Lespangnard that melds cowboy and clown elements into high fashion clothing for women.  I am not sure what the french fry packet shoes has to do with cowboys or clowns, but those are actually one of the more normal looking pieces.

When you think cowboys, do you think of rap? Whoever came up with the concept of "Cowboy Stomp", the official video of the Dallas Cowboys must...

Emo Cowboys

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