Friday, October 22, 2010

Bloody Skull Drink Cubes and A Giveaway!

Add a fun touch to your Halloween beverages!

This will turn out more of the consistency of a "jello shot" than an ice cube but adds an interesting look to a drink and does it does bleed out a bit to make the drink more of a red color.  The "cube" can be munch on when the drink is finished.

Items used:
1 Skull Ice Cube Tray
1 tsp from 1 small box (4 oz) red gelatin
1/2 cup boiling water
Ginger ale, 7 Up or Sparkling Water
1 TBSP vodka (optional)

The amount of jello you use depends on how many cubes you will be making.  For this skull tray I used with 8 cubes is used 1 TBSP from 1 small bottom of red gelatin as it held 1/2 cup of fluid. If you have a different tray to figure out how much liquid to use pour in water in 1/4 cup increments until it is full and adjust recipe accordingly.

Heat up 1/2 cup water to boiling in a microwave or pan and pour in the bowl and mix.  If you are using any vodka, add at this point.

Pour the mixture in the skull (or other) ice cube tray.   You might want to put down a tray or plate underneath for any possible spills for easy cleanup.

Freeze for a few hours. 

Put the cubes in the glass.  I didn't use any vodka my cubes as I don't keep it in my house and I wanted my teen son to be able to enjoy the creepiness too.

Pour beverage over ice cubes and serve.

Now for the giveaway....
So you can make your own Bloody Skull Drink Cubes I am giving away a brand new one as part of Countdown to Halloween.

You can enter by any or all of the following - each for one chance (be sure there is some way I can contact you):
  • Follow this blog and leave a comment indicating that you are following.
  • Twitter this giveaway and leave a comment indicating along with the link
  • Blog this giveaway and leave a comment and a link to you post.
Winner will be chose at random on October 25th.

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