Sunday, September 26, 2010

Silly Bands - the lastest fad for kids

One of the latest crazes for kids is "Silly Bands" which are sort of rubber bands shaped like the above it is dinosaurs, but the categories are endless.  I bought mine at our local Scott/Kroger store for .99 cents for 12, but they have seen them an Walgreens and other stores for more, although there are usually more bands than 12. 

The downside is they don't fit adult wrists (darn it all to heck!) so I will have to find a craft application for mine.

A co-worker, whose wife is a teacher, said this is latest craze for kids (and we all lamented it was not fair as they didn't have cool stuff like this when we were kids).

I bought a packet of "girly" ones for a former co-workers granddaughter.  While the granddaughter loved them, Sherryl (the grandmother) was not a fan of them..said not only would they clog up the carpet sweeper, her dog would eat them an as they do not digest, she has to "assist" them on their way out.  Yuck.  Something to keep in mind if you buy these for a child.

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