Thursday, September 30, 2010


 All photos by Mike Adams - check out his Flickr pool for more awesome pics

Update:  The photographer has more background the mansion at his site: 

These are pics of pro boxer Mike Tyson's abandoned mansion in Southington, Ohio, which is about an hour east of Cleveland, Ohio.   The pictures by  photographer Mike Adam not only capture how the now abandoned mansion now looks, but also the metaphor of Tyson's rise to opulence and what now is a broken dream.

Looks like somebody was crazy about zebra prints.
This looks more like the lobby of an 80's nightclub than a living room.
Wouldn't want to take a dip this pool. 

Yes, those are chairs at the bottom of the pool.

A hole in the wall...makes you wonder if it was vagrants or Mike decided to spar with the wall (and the wall lost).
Wonder what animals were kept in here...or maybe it was just where Mike liked to hang out on those days when he was missing prison.

Mike Adams

Spotted via Modern Man

Mike Adams Photos @ livejournal
Mike Adams Photo

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drollgirl said...

well this is downright spooky! so much space. so tacky. so wasteful. money doesn't always = taste.