Sunday, September 19, 2010

7th Grader's Initiative for A Boundless Playground for Disabled Children

It is amazing that this initiative is by a local 13 year old 7th grader, Taylor Reuille to bring a "boundless playground" where disabled children and adults can play an interact with others.

Her dream began when she was 11 years old and she read a story about Boundless Playgrounds and how sad children with disabilities felt because they could not access or use the standard equipment and she found that there is not a single Boundless Playground in Indiana.  Since then, with the support of donations and support by locals, local business and the Parks and Recreations Dept in Fort Wayne, Taylor's dream has become a reality with over 50% of the funds raised.

With a boundless playground, not only will disabled children be able to play and interact, but it also encourages and assists adults with disabilities and limitations interact with their children.  As I was not able to walk for 3 months after a bad car accident and in a wheelchair for 2 of those months, I can tell you that a small gradients steps that you normally don't even notice become major obstacles if you are using a wheelchair, walker or crutches.  Having ramps, extra handrails, and accessible equipment makes the difference of feeling normal and included or staying at home to avoid going someplace and not only feeling left out, but a burden to others.

For a virtual tour of a boundless playground, click here.

For inspirational stories by users of existing boundless playgrounds in other parts of the country see here.

You can help make Taylor's dream a reality by voting over at Pepsi Refresh to vote for this idea at a chance for a $70,000 grant for the playground to complete it over at Boundless Playground.
You would have to register your email and basic info and come up with a password and you could vote up to once a day.  Voting ends noon, 9/28/10.

For more information, also visit Taylor's Dream and Boundless Playgrounds.

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