Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tommy Pickles Sings

My son loved Rug Rats when he was a tot and it was one of the few children's programs that I enjoyed watching with him.  

This video is by  E.G. Daily, who was the voice of Tommy Pickles in her pre-Rugrats days.   Actress/songwriter/singer/voice over actress E. G. Daily had this hit which peaked in the top 10 in 1987 and was part of the soundtrack to the movie "Summer School" starring Mark Harmon and (then very thin) Kirstie Alley.

Although her singing voice is somewhat similar to Lita Ford,  when I hear  all I hear is Tommy Pickles singing.

Currently, she had over 135 film credits to her name...from being "Dottie" in "PeeWee's Big Adventure" to the voice of Tommy Pickles in the "Rug Rats" cartoon or and "Buttercup" of the "Power Puff Girl" cartoon to the voice singing "man man man manly men" as the voice of the 1/2 man's voice of every beginning and end of "2 1/2 Men" episode.

She used to be married and had two children with Rick Salomon (he was also married briefly to Shannen Doherty and Pam Anderson) of who later was the male contribution to "One Night In Paris" Paris Hilton Sex Tape scandal.

I check to see what she is up to these days and found her website here where she will soon be releasing a one woman musical autobiography on DVD -  here is a preview of it.   To look at her, you would never guess she is almost 50.

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