Monday, August 2, 2010

1937 Dodge Touring Sedan - A 72 Year Story of An Irish Family Car

In today's disposable society with planned obsolescence it was refreshing to see this car at an auto show we were at a few weeks back when cars were built to last.  This particular in not only fully restored, it has also been in the same family for 72 years.

The sign to the right indicated its history:

"This car was purchased Grandparents in 1937 in Hartford City.  According to the internet, they paid $830 for the car.

My Grandparents used the family car to run my Grandpa's for traps.

My parents borrowed the car for their wedding!

When my brother Bill was 16 in 1658, Grandpa gave him the car.
(The car was titled to him until 1693).  Bill had the car for nearly 50 years.

We obtained the car from Bill in 2007.  The car has gone through significant transformation!

We have both Grandfather's and Bill's original titles."

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