Friday, July 30, 2010

His, Hers and Theirs Homes - Featuring her Shabby Chic Cottage

The Fosters of New York may have come up for the solution for a perfect marriage, his, hers and ours homes.  The above a hunting cabin that has been turned into a home for Mrs. Foster - it doesn't have a bathroom or kitchen, but it has lot of quaint charm packed into a small space with thrift store upcycles redo's done by Sandra Foster.

His space was not pictures, but described as "a truck-size shed covered by an enormous tarp, furnished with a big-screen TV, videotapes and cooking equipment."

For the "Ours" they share a 1971 trailer that Mr. Foster nicknamed "the Groove Tube," because of its gold and avocado-green décor.

For the complete article and more information on how the 9x10 hunting cabin into was transformed into a beautiful a Shabby Chic home by Sandra Foster., see the full article with pictures at the New York Times

Photos from NY Times by TrevorTondro

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