Saturday, June 5, 2010


This was a toy made by Kenner in 1995 as one of two vehicles that corresponds with one of the most expensive box office bombs in history "Waterworld" (although it was really not that bad of movie, but not epic like "Pirates of the Caribbean") and is still new in an never opened box..

My son got this at a toy collector's "going back to school" garage sale for $10.  The collector said that there were not a lot of them made and he had a hard time finding it when it came out and purchased it in Indianapolis at a convention for $80 after the film came out.  I checked EBAY  there are a few listed, the lowest starting at $29.95 and Action toys is currently selling one. for $95.00 and my son is thinking about selling it to make a profit, but my theory is that toys are for playing with, or at least displaying and we now thinking of cracking open the box and maybe displaying it (but I won't be surprised if I find it in the bathtub someday if he decides to keep it). 

What would you do?


glassjaw121986 said...

play with it. I'm 25 and remember buying the same exact toy at K-Bee toys and I loved it. the movie was never popular enough for it to ever be worth alot of money. Anymore then $50 I don't see it selling. Good Luck

Kathryn said...

That has always been my motto too - toys are meant to be enjoyed and spark the imagination.