Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vegetable Art

"Don't Play With Your Food!" is something every parent has uttered to their child.

In my son's pre-toddler years I saw lot of Jackson Pollock's like creations on the kitchen floor, but here it is good thing that Chinese artist Ju Duoqi plays with vegetables to recreates classic masterpieces and popular icons using vegetables such a "Cabbage Monroe".

Do you have any cool food pics or food creation stories?

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drollgirl said...

jackson pollock like creations on the floor!??! that made me laugh out loud!

i tried to think of some food art to make last weekend, since i was going to see my two young nieces and i wanted to "wow" them. i considered making a pineapple-style mr. potato head, with blueberries for eyes, a strawberry for a nose, etc. but i chickened out. i couldn't think of how i would core the damn pineapple, make a stand for the think, and have it all be easily edible without making a gigantic mess. maybe someday. maybe.