Monday, June 14, 2010


This cool cake is the creation of The Domestic Scientist that she made for her own birthday.  Surprisingly, she describes herself as a novice baker but I think this turned out awesome.

She indicated that is is an almond cake and rice krispie treats with "modeling chocolate" for the cake and gumpaste for the Daleks.

I had never heard of "modeling chocolate" before, but she provided a link via Epicurious  and it is just melted chocolate and corn syrup stirred in then cooled and has the consistency of marizpan or a tootsie roll and is easy to mold into different shapes.  The The Domestic Scientist warns though that it cannot be painted as easily as marshmallow fondant and takes on a sort of waxy appearance.   I am not a fan of marshmallow fondant and I think the almost plastic look give it a cartoon type feel and it ups the "yummy" factor.
Flickr photo by Obajoo

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drollgirl said...

this is wild! the cake world has gone to the extremes. the old school cakes of the past kind of fall flat next to something like this!