Monday, June 21, 2010


Lo and behold our way to the grocery store, what did we spot in a liquor store parking lot?  The Royal Crown Nascar #17.  (It is driven by Nascar driver Matt Kenseth but unfortunately, he was not there with the car)

I think the truck driver was getting a little nervous as my son had to peek in the windows and you could just tell by the excitement on his face that he wanted to take it for a spin.

My son talked to the truck driver and given a promotional card and it had information about the driver on the back of it.

My son said that the car is a souped up Ford Fusion that has a small block engine that puts out 900 horsepower.

Here are the 17 fast facts about Matt Kenseth from the card.
  1. He is a pilot.
  2. He is addicted to coffee.
  3. He can't resist a frozen Heath Bar.
  4. His favorite cocktail is Crown Royal and Ginger Ale.
  5.  He loves cruising around on his Harley Davidson Motorcycle
  6. He has a wife, 2 children and 4 cats.
  7. His favorite meal is anything Katie cooks. (Katie is his wife)
  8. He is a die hard Green Bay Packers fan
  9. His favorite movie is Walk the Line.
  10. His video game is Madden 2010.
  11. He likes to read and when he starts a good book , he cannot put it down.
  12. He has everything on his iPod from Metallica to the Dave Mathews Band.
  13. He loves to go snowmobiling in Wisconsin with his friends.
  14. His Mother-In-Law make him cookies every time he wins a race or a pole.
  15. He raced against his 16 year old son Ross for the first time in 2009 and Dad won.
  16. He and his wife are from the same hometown and grew up 6 miles apart.
  17. He thinks peanuts are bad luck at the race track.

For the official website of Matt Kenseth click here.

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Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

That's AWESOME!!

What a neat find! :-)