Tuesday, June 29, 2010

500,000 Miles in a Fiat

An article on AOL Autos about Fiat owner Gil Cormanci now has over 500,000 miles on his 1980 Fiat Brava.

What is his secret for getting so many miles out of the car?
"I try to limit my speed,” says Cormaci. “The drive to Oxnard is 70 miles but I don't have traffic. I drive on freeways in the right lane. I don't like to go above 65 miles per hour. It's frustrating sometimes because people that are behind me don't like to be behind me."
he also indicated
"Changing the oil  every 3,000 miles and using 30-weight oil is the other secret to the car's longevity. But Fiat engineering also had a lot to do with it. "It's quite a testament to the people at Fiat that the engine is pretty much indestructible,” he says.
 I think the next time I go car hunting, I am going to be checking out a Fiat.

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