Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Tommy Shaw was the lead singer/songwriter for Styx in the 70's, Damn Yankee's in the 80's, then went back to Styx again again.   This clip from ClosetControl, where closet expert and author of the book "Closet Control" Barbra Horowitz helping him to organize his closet.  While the bright orange jumpsuit might be a cool piece to put in a Rock and Roll Museum, it for sure needs to go in one of the the "to go" piles! 

Here is a link to Tommy performing one of my favorite songs, "Crystal Ball", at a Borders in Atlanta in 2007.  None of the revamped technologically enchanced voices and videos that a lot of "artists" today use can hold a candle to this man strumming a guitar and singing live at a bookstore.

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