Monday, May 17, 2010

OMG! Yahoo's "What Were They Thinking" - What are the writers thinking?

These were spotted at "OMG!  What Were They Thinking!"  and after perusing I am wondering what the author was thinking as it was more, YAWN...ZZZZ than OMG!
One bashed Cate Blanchette for this gown.  "Cate Blanchett's sideswept 'do and baubles were brilliant, but the eagle-adorned, tulle-enhanced Alexander McQueen frock she donned to the "Robin Hood" premiere at the Cannes Film Festival failed miserably."

I disagree.  I think she looks great.  The slightly asymmetrical neckline frames her face nicely, the gown is form fitting and displays her slender figure nicely and the tulle at the bottom adds as touch of femininity. The eagle on along with the rest of the gown is unique and interesting.  Many of Alexander McQueen's fashions are a bit over the top (a/k/a Lady GaGas shoes recently that have been designed by him) and really more concept pieces, but this gown does him proud and with his recent suicide, is a wonderful tribute to his memory.

An extra added bonus is that it is something that her kids can proudly show their friends at school as her boobs are squeezed via a push-up bra to create cleavage the might not otherwise existed or a skirt so short that if she bends over she is going to give the crowd a free show.

 photo by Bryan Bedder/ - May 10, 2010

Next up is Mary-Kate Olson with the quote "Thanks to her matronly, cheetah-print blouse, Mary-Kate Olsen looks more like a cast member of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" than a 23-year-old trendsetter. "  I don't know what rock the writer has been living under, but the Olsen twins have not been a driving force in fashion since they went to college and went Bo-Ho student look.  I guess like in the last post, since she isn't showing cleavage or giving a crotch shot without underwear she looks "matronly" to the writer, but if she wants to get back into acting, I think it is a smart move on her part, even though the blouse is a bit large on her, that she is ready to leave teeny-bopperdom behind and move on to adult roles.

Here is another YAWN!  "Rihanna can get away with wearing just about any outfit ... as long as it doesn't consist of a purple metallic cap, ill-fitting sweatshirt, and terribly unflattering trousers."
photo by Smart Pictures/ - May 12, 2010

It looks like Rhianna might be at an airport or elevator; irregardless, she is not onstage so who cares?  Celebs need their "grubbies" day too.  Now if she dressed like this for a public appearance where she was being paid, no, this is not acceptable; however, if she just running errands or traveling, I see nothing wrong with this look.

Now this look by Lady GaGa is newsworthy in the "What Were They Thinking"  section.
She wouldn't wear such outlandish outfits if she didn't want the publicity and the bizarre and outlandish styles are her trademarks and this is no different.  It was likened to a Hannibal Lecter mask.  Certainly not a look conducive for singing or dancing but it is unique and different.

Maybe it would conducive for dieting - would be real interesting to see someone try to eat spaghetti in this accessory.

If it weren't so confining, perhaps if the bottom was lower it might even be pretty but still not practical.  What I really hate the silvery blonde locks that look gray - sort of looks like a dominatrix granny.   

If they want other examples and are in need of finding some WTF pics, here are a few:

Tila Tequila in this "outfit"  It looks like she is wearing an accessory as a top and she is in clear and present danger of having a wardrobe malfuction.  The shade of blonde that she chose is also to harsh for her skintone.  She looks a little like a Malibu Bimbo Barbie and I don't mean that in a good way.

If they are this desperate for inspirations for "Glamour Don'ts" to write about they could go to and look at shots of Helena Bonham Carter or Ice-T's wife CoCo, both of which have their own extreme fashion signature looks.

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