Sunday, May 2, 2010



This “Bayswater Ink Splattered” print bag by Mulberry is on sale at Net-A-Porter for $1,150.00. 

I guess I should preface this with saying I don't at anytime in my in the near or foreseeable, nee, lifetime see myself spending $1,150 on bag and if I did, I would expect it to do my laundry and file my taxes with no effort on my part.
While there is a bit of Rorschach inkblot action going on where it sort of looks like birds flying over trees, which could be kind of cool from a distance - up close it looks like a Bic went postal and sprayed all over the lower front of it.    If you are going to pony up over $1,000 for a bag, you don't want people stopping you on the street to point out you better check your purse because it looks like you have had a mishap.

This is purely a post for possible inspiration piece for a DIY and I do kind of like the idea of an impressionistic Rorschack inkblot on a bag, but maybe something a little more art and a little less blot.

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