Monday, May 24, 2010

Info-ladies make life easier in Bangladesh

It is always uplifting to hear about how one person can make a difference in the world and it was a blessing t hear about the "InfoLadies" in article over at Guardian UK  by Davinder Kumar.

With only a bicycle, a netbook and some medical supplies  Bangladesh's "InfoLadies" are bringing life changing information to millions of impoverished people in remote areas of Bangladesh.

Of the of the InfoLadies, Luich Akhter, who only has a secondary eduction herself said "It was a scandal when I started my rounds two years ago with just a mobile phone" Now it is more of a phenomenon. She is treated like a champion by people whose lives she's shaping with once "scary machines" and ""Ask me about the pest that's infecting your crop, common skin diseases, how to seek help if your husband beats you or even how to stop having children, and I may have a solution."

It is part of D.Net, a Non-Profit research organization, to provide access to information to improve lives. Mohammed Forhad Uddin of D.Net indicated "An InfoLady's netbook is loaded with content especially compiled and translated in local Bangla language," and "It provides answers and solutions to some of the most common problems faced by people in villages.".

One example given was that she helped a 60 year old man identify a pest that destroyed a rice field year after year and the pest and a pesticide to treat the problem and now that he uses that pesticide, he no longer has problems.  Another is she shared a cartoon about brushing teeth and and proper hygiene with a 10 year old. 

For the complete article, click here:  Guardian UK.

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