Friday, April 30, 2010

Magic Eye Dust by Lime Crime

On one of the blogs I follow,  All Women Stalk Fashion had a round up of "8 Great Orange Accessories" and as I am not a fan of the color orange I started to skip over it until I saw the above eyeshadow in a coppery orange with hint of gold called  Magic Eye Dust in "Cleopatra" and immediately fell in love with it (although I would have nothing to wear it with!) .   It is part of line by Lime Crime, which is an indie business and they have some very vibrant colored lipsticks and eyeshadows.

This more subtle color in "Nymph" is one of the most subtle one they offer and probably the one I would most likely buy as it is something I could wear everyday.

But it doesn't mean I wouldn't like to try this cool one called Dragon Scales which would be wicked cool for a Halloween witch costume with the burgundy silver mix.


The one out of the group I would skip is this one called Shoe Addict for two reasons:  

1)  This is the exact same color that I wore everyday in the 7th grade slathered on from eyelash to eyebrows.

2.  If I tried the same look at my age now, I am afraid I would end up looking like

Mimi from "The Drew Carey Show".

The above items are for sale on a site called Shana Logic and it may become one of my new  fashion stalks as like the title of my blog says, I love unique, interesting and unusual stuff.   It is run by a gal named Shana that opened the shop in 2003 in a tiny basement but now runs out of a small warehouse with three assistants. 

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