Sunday, April 4, 2010


I am not trying to impose my views and I don't mean to offend anyone is not, but I am a Christian and believe in Jesus Christ and with today being Easter I wanted to share the person that I find the most unique and interesting that ever lived and I pray that you all will have a blessed day. 

This pencil drawing is by artist Jean Keaton and it has special meaning for me as I sent a print to a friend after her baby passed away as I want her to think of him laughing and being held by Christ in Heaven now.  She was had rough pregnancy (she is diabetic) and although genetic testing was done and she was told the baby was fine, it was not discovered until the day he was  born that he had birth defects so severe he could not be saved and only spent a 3 days on this Earth before returning to Heaven.

The artist still has the pencil drawing for viewing here, but I am not sure if she is selling this particular print.   She does have several other wonderful prints for sale at a very reasonable prices at

*Disclosure:  I did not receive anything for posting the links and I am in no way affiliated with the artist -I am posting the links as her drawing brought comfort in a time of grief and posted in case it might help someone else.

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