Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alligator Motorbike

I will bet this bike gets a lot of second looks going down the street!  I am not sure who actually took the above picture, but there is more information about it, along with a few more pictures over at
Alligator Motorbike at Barry Bland, Photographer.  There are also a lot of interesting photos of wildlife (like the dolphin and seal that paint with their mouths  and Winter the Bionic Dolphin that has a prosthetic tail) and a sundry of other items and if you get a chance, check them out.

The site indicated on the site that the bike was by the owner of Wildlife Rehabilitation of Hernando (WROH) in Florida to raise funds for his centre, which rescues exotic pets.  It is being raffled off at WROH's website and tickets are $100.   There are only 1000 of them being sold, but anyone in the world can buy a ticket.   If you love exotic motorbikes, this could be a chance to own something truly unique and original and help raise money to save and provide money to care for exotic rescued animals.

It was custom made by a Swedish craftsman cost $51,000 GPB (approx $80,400 USD).    The head is permanently affixed to the bike with the handlebars and gauges in it, but the skin is detachable.

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